Job Boosts Learning

Is an on-demand library of instructional videos covering the tips, secrets & skills that you need to get your next job. It provides personalized course recommendations and is designed to help you achieve your full potential when you are searching for a job.

All in all, Job Boosts Learning is definitely worth it for the serious job seeker. Developed by Human Resources & recruitment experts it is packed with information & knowledge that would prove invaluable when you are searching for a job in this competitive world.

Courses we offer

Power your LinkedIn Profile

Power Your LinkedIn Profile will help you create an effective online profile to bring out your professional career story. Our Coach, Dr Gaurav Hirey will share effective tips to create a unique profile and tailor information for each section. Dr Gaurav will share ways to show your career accomplishments and aspirations that adds to your professional online presence.

What will you learn

  • Creating a custom LinkedIn headline
  • Use the summary section to introduce yourself
  • Showcase your work experience and skills
  • Requesting connections for recommendations and endorsements.


In this course, you will learn to create a LinkedIn profile that can get you noticed. Our Coach will share ways to help you add media to your profile, showcase your experience and skills effectively. Using headlines and sections on LinkedIn, the course will help you create an inspiring professional online presence.

Job Search Strategies

In this course, you will learn to create effective online and offline job search strategies. Our Coach and expert, Manish Menon will share ways you can create your profile, network with your connections and work with recruiters to find your dream job.

What will you learn

  • Improving visibility with a blog or an article
  • Effective Networking
  • Developing your profile and brand
  • Strategies for job search - online and offline


The course will help you create job search strategies; online and offline. Our Coach will share ways you can get noticed by developing your profile and brand. The course will help you network effectively with your connections and discover smart strategies to manage your time for better results.

Create an Outstanding Elevator Pitch & Hook Any Recruiter!

There is an intense competition for jobs, hence it is critical for you to stand out. Recruiters are overwhelmed with resumes & the volume of candidates is just too high. On an average, a recruiter spends less than 10 seconds reading a resume, this is your only window to impress the recruiter or the hiring manager. This course will help you to create an elevator pitch for yourself, your ideas, or your products.

What will you learn

The course will share with you a framework that will make it easy for you to build your elevator pitch &  make a great first impression to anyone in less than 30 seconds especially the recruiters & hiring Managers!



An Impressive Elevator pitch for yourself! That you can use to stand out in the crowd of job applicants & hook any recruiter.

Develop a Perfect Resume & Stand Out in the Crowd of Applicants!

In a competitive world like ours, what should you do that gets your resume noticed by recruiters?  A stellar resume will always help you make an impactful first impression. This course will share with you the secrets of building the perfect resume & help you to stand out in the crowd of applicants.

What will you learn

  • Basic Components of a Resume
  • Customizing the Basic Resume Components
  • Upgrading your resume
  • Layout and Formatting Choices



The Resume is the first impression of you to the recruiter.  Given that the recruiter spends only about 10seconds reading it you will learn how you can ensure that your Resume that stands out by easily providing the information needed by recruiters to make a decision to shortlist you!

Craft a Killer Cover Note.

What is a cover letter? Is it really needed? What should be the format, the content, the length and the tone? This course covers it all & shows you how you can make a killer cover letter. It shares why it is important & how in this new age a cover letter can sometimes make that difference in getting the interview call.


What will you learn

  • Understanding the Audience for your Cover Letter.
  • Key Elements of a Cover Note.
  • Crafting a killer Cover Note!


A Killer Cover letter that leaves behind a lasting impression. You will learn the important elements of the cover letter & how you can craft your own killer cover letter to leave a lasting impression on the reader or recruiter.

Network with ease, even if you hate networking!

Networking is an important aspect of any career.  Networking helps in strengthening business connections, raising your profile, and gaining a different perspective and knowledge. Yet many people are not comfortable networking, this course is for them. Discover the importance, understand the need & learn an easy way to network, even if you hate networking. Become aware of easy ways in which you can target & network with people to be more successful not just in your job search but also in your career.

What will you learn

  • You will learn the importance of networking.
  • You will also understand the elements of networking
  • Get introduced to a framework that makes networking easy


Understand the different types of networking. Learn the TECA framework developed by Job Boosts Experts that makes it easy for anyone to network with ease.

Acing the Interview

This course is designed for anyone applying for jobs or courses. It will be of particular interest to those in the early stages of their career, or those who are out of practice and need to update their skills. No prior knowledge or expertise is needed.

What will you learn

  • Apply best practice techniques to enable you to tackle job interviews more effectively
  • Identify what skills and capabilities recruiters might be looking for.
  • Identify what questions you may be asked at the interview, and how to approach them.


On completing this course you will be able to improve your chances of success in getting a job by developing a better understanding of your strengths, skills, and key selling points. You will be also able to tackle interviews with confidence by developing an understanding of different types of interviews, from telephone and video interviews and knowing what you can do to manage them better.

Staying Motivated During Your Job Search

Job hunting is not without its ups and downs. After a shaky interview or two, and maybe the odd dip in motivation, but trying to find a job you love is completely worth it. Everybody finds the job search tricky sometimes, and how you approach both the good and the bad can have an impact on the outcome. At times it starts to feel a little tiresome, there are plenty of things you can do to stay confident and motivated. From adding a new skill to your CV to changing the way you approach your day, this is where we share with you actions that you could take to keep your motivation up during a job search.

What will you learn

  • How to keep yourself motivated during a Job Search.
  • Understand the job search journey & how it can affect you.
  • Implement actions to get better results.


Be able to keep your motivation levels up during the job search journey is critical for your success,. Once you complete this course you will understand the importance of motivation , you will learn ways in which you can keep it high,  what are the actions you can take to ensure that & when should you seek help.

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