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What is a Resume?

Dr. Gaurav Hirey explains the definition of a Resume. He shares a perspective on what a resume really is based on his 25years of experience recruiting talent globally! Get a sense of how a resume is viewed by recruiter & hiring managers not just in India but across the...

Five Ways You Can Build a Strong Social Media Presence

In this digital world, the first place that recruiters and hiring managers look for talent is online and if you don’t have an effective online presence, your chances of being called for an interview fall drastically. A study by CareerArc states that over 91% of employers...

Three Ways You Could Get a Meeting With Almost Anyone

Building connections and networking with influential people is an important step for building your brand and identity which is crucial for your career. But, it’s not easy, in today’s digital world, influencers are flooded with connection requests. So, how do you...

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